Chayah! A Model for Sustainability!

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"We are at the dawn of a new
age of resourcefulness."

It is a time for creative people to come
together to demonstrate what a great
potential mankind has in fulfilling the
needs of humanity.

Even people who like things the way
they are, deep down, at the second
level of their soul, know that we need a
new way of doing things, a paradigm
shift toward sustainability, sustainability
in every way. So, how do we go about
making it happen? We need to point
people toward a shining example of an
ideal place, a city on the hill, an
emerald city where sustainable
practices are like second nature.



Chayah shows the world what sustainability

is all about!

We need a model to showcase renewable energy in order to change our world and the environment it which we live. Read More...

Once you see what Chayah can do for the world, we think you will want to be involved and perhaps live there.

First, Chayah ( Pronounced: ‘KAW-YAH’ ) is an ancient and almost “universal word” for all languages, meaning “to live or restore”. What better name for an ideal city, where we will objectively showcase "sustainability" and the best in clean alternate energy technologies that will ensure our future survival.

There needs to be a place where best technologies and ideas can be showcased, and from where people can believe they are receiving objective truth on issues that affect our lives. WE ARE TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH THAT GOAL!